1. How long does it takes to get an email response?

****Usually within 24hours after contacting us. If after 24 hours you have not gotten a response, check your email spam folder.

2.Do you do returns?

*****No, because all items are custom made by your approval but if product is defective send us an email within 24 hours of receiving it with a picture. 

3.How long after payment do products ships out?

*****Between 5 to 10 days because they are custom made. 

4.Can men wear anklets and waist beads?

*****Yes, we promote self-love and confidence. So as long as you are comfortable. We approve.

5.What is the difference between the screw-in waist beads and the tie on waist beads?

****Screw-in waist beads is removable. You can take them off whenever or keep them on.They do not stretch but might rise if you gain weight and fall when you lose weight. 

******Tie on waist beads are permanent. Once you tie them on, the only way to take them off is to cut them. However, some women successfully take them on and off by pulling them up over their breasts and head.The good side of tie-on is that even if you do not know your size or where you want it to sit, can buy a bigger size and tie it to whatever size you want later.